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The Magdalenian settlement is the history of human groups in the period from 18.000 to 11.000 years ago

Magdalenians inhabited the area in the upland regions of west and mid-eastern Europe

Klementowice is the furthest front-end point Magdalenian settlement, in the north eastern direction

During excavations the area of 350 square meters was examined and more than 50.000 artefacts were found

Radiocarbon dating allowed us to determine the date of the settlement in Klementowice to 15.000 years ago

The natural environment resembled contemporary tundra with frozen ground and a domination of graminaceous vegetation

All the animal remains found on the excavation site belong to a horse (Equus ferus)

The basic material for the manufacturing of tools was flint

Most of flints were brought to Klementowice from over 80 km distance

The tools were used primarily in the flaying of particular elements of hunted game

Some of them were used as elements of projectile weapons

Within the site as well as in it vicinity, traces of settlement form the younger periods were found


The realisation of the project allowed for the following: formulating basic definitions regarding the character of the site in Klementowice, the stratigraphic position of the cultural findings, and chronology. The project also contributed to the reconstruction of the natural palaeo-environment of the time where the settlement was inhabited and active.

The results of the studies obtained during the realisation of the project were presented at various conferences in Poland and abroad (for example The First Congress of Polish Archaeology held in Warsaw, 5th Archeoinvest Symposium held in Jassy, 20th Annual Meeting of European Association of Archaeologists held in Istanbul, and 56th Annual Meeting of Hugo Obermaier Society, held in Brunswick. The results of the studies were also published in a popular science folder entitled Klementowice – A late Ice Age settlement in Eastern Poland   (Wiśniewski, Niezabitowska-Wiśniewska 2013), also as postcards  and on the website:

The final outcome of the project is the publication (issued in English and Polish – only digitally, on a CD) that includes the results of the implemented research methods as well as study room and laboratory analyses. The full version of the publication is available free of charge on the above-mentioned website:


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